Friday, August 1, 2008

Triumphal Procession

James is home -- here just for a day or two. He has to be at Fort Sill on Sunday. Joyce and I stayed up past our bedtime to greet our warrior. It's always good to see our sons, but I think this reunion was especially poignant for Joyce since our local national guard unit just left on their deployment to Iraq on Monday morning. I went to work as usual that morning, but Joyce was there at the armory to see them off. She told me with tears in her eyes that evening, "We need to pray for one soldier in particular. He has a nine-month-old son who's the spitting image of James at that age."

James pulled in the driveway just before 10:00 PM and got a laugh when he saw our new vanity plates. (Sorry, I can't tell you what the plate has on it without giving away too much, but it refers to a fortunate yet unfortune "Little James" story I've blogged about before.) Sally Cat slept in James's bed last night.

Last night we also got an email from Roy's wife Sally (yes, oddly enough she still speaks to us after we named our cat after her). Sally sent us this
link to a video showing what their son Martin did on the Fourth of July. Here's a screen capture of Martin (which appears in the video right after the helicopter landing).


joyce said...

And it was Martin's 30th BIRTHDAY that 4th of July, too !!! I wondered whatall he was doing that day. Now we know ! His mom said that because of dust storms, they were pretty bored.

PrimoDonna said...

Wow! Fort Sill. We liked it there. We were stationed there in the early 80s and tried to get there again in 1990. We have good friends there and went to a great church. But it was not to be.

buffi said...

He will be officially one hour from me now. That means that when you are driving up there, you must stop by here for a coke sometime. I am dying to meet you Joyce!

And please let James know that the offer of a home cooked meal is always open!

Bag Blog said...

Hey, I live near Ft. Sill. If James has some down time and would like another home-cooked meal, fishing, kayaking, biking, motorcycle riding or any of the other fun stuff we do, have him look me up - seriously. Drop me an email.

primodonna said...

Bob, we went to Westminster Presbyterian Church, a small church on, you guessed it, the west side of town. There is a big Presbyterian church near downtown, but we have always liked small churches.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Anything...anything James needs just let me MamaLou we live close to Ft. Sill and i would be honored to help in any way.