Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Dolly

Great news! North Texas has an outside chance of some rain -- and our high might even be less than 100 degrees (for a change).

No rain yet -- but surely God hasn't forsaken us.


Jerry said...

We have been getting monsoonal rains each day for the past two weeks, last night we saw 1.5 inches in less than an hour.

I hear that the folks in SE Texas might receive 15-18 inches from Dolly, and are expecting flooding. Hopefully it will be less, and the rain will fall in a broader area, including you folks in the Metroplex.

Hula Doula said...

The rain is here!

Mrs. Who said...

Ain't it just like get a hurricane, and y'all are happy to be getting the rain.

Y'all do America proud!

Bob said...

Mrs Who--
Nah, it's just like Texas summer -- we get a hurricane at Brownsville but nary a drop in Dallas.

This month you get the rain, but next month you get the Democrats.

Yup, Brownsville and Corpus are getting quite a soaking.

SuperGurl said...

no rain here yet, but it's dark!! we need it so bad, my grass, my trees. hope ya'll get a sprinkle too.

joyce said...

100 degrees on our shaded outside thermometer every day all week. Yuck. Complain. Complain. But, that swirl of rain and wind in south Texas is SO pretty. Wonder how our friend in McAllen faired..or is it fared..

Karen said...

Send some rain my way, will you? Not all at once, just two-three days of nice, gentle rain.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

once the rain gets to you, any chance you could push it on up here to south central? 'preciate it.

Bob said...

No way. You Oklahomans have had more then your fair share of rain.

Sorry, that's up to the Lord to decide (and I hear's he's been busy touring the Middle East and Europe this week). Maybe when he gets back from walking on the Sea of Galilee he'll take care of your prayer (er, I mean request) for rain.

That would be spelled FARED, but you're right. I bet Diane has some stories to tell. (Congratulations - or is it CONGRATIONS? - on your once again kicking my tail at Scrabble.)

Not a drop yet. But I think I saw a cloud.

joyce said...

I wonder if the Rio Grande is at flood stage now?? Here it is on Friday, and they still show a rain cloud headed up the mighty Rio Grande.

Bob said...

Yeah, we're in that typical high-pressure pattern that happens almost every August. Even hurricanes can't punch through this dome of hot dry air. So here we sit with rain traveling clockwise around us, but nothing within 300 miles of us. Still, it could be worse ... at least we're not in Wichita Falls.