Monday, June 2, 2008

You Can't Spell "Trip" Without "I-P"

Joyce and I have just returned from a long road trip to Georgia (to attend a nephew’s wedding), thence to Fort Knox, Kentucky (to see James in his natural habitat) and back home to Texas. Today (as we were driving along Interstate 44 in Missouri) we glimpsed a nostalgia-laden sight: the freeway exit sign at mile marker 61.

Long ago, (in March of 1991 to be precise) we were returning from Joyce’s family’s farm in Illinois when (as children tend to do on long road trips) our two younger boys declared the outcome of their too-hasty fluid ingestion.

James declared, "I need to go pee!"

Ben implored, "Me too, reeeeal bad!"

To which I replied, "Boys, we just stopped an hour ago -- can you hold it?"

Joyce (as the tender-hearted one in our unequal harnessing) insisted, "Please just pull off at the next exit."

And as it turned out, that very next opportunity to exit offered a photo op that was just too opportune to resist.

As I pulled to a stop and un-buckled the kids, I instructed the tikes, "Boys, just go pee on that pole over there!"

I grabbed the camera and hence we have this image as the most memorable legacy of that bygone visit to Illinois.

Oddly enough, that very same woman of mine (who years ago had been so insistant on pulling off the highway) today insisted that I keep rolling. Oh well, the re-enactment just wouldn't have been the same without the kids.


LadyBugCrossing said...

You are a sick man! Funny... but sick!

Jerry said...

Don't ask your sister about a particular trip across the Navajo reservation a couple of years ago.

Roses said...

Pants around the ankles: priceless!

Ky Woman said...

you gotta do what the signs tell you to!
I'm surprised the boys "allowed" this picture to survive. Incriminating evidence such as it is....

Mrs. Who said...

Absolutely hilarious! And good thing you didn't reenact the scene...the cops would've frowned on that.