Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Rose that Does Not Die

Earth's mighty kings (avowed to crush the bloody rose)
but pierced their hand on you, O crown of thorn.
Why do the nations rage? Know not your foolish foes
'twas through Sea of Red that you were born?


joyce said...

Nay, the Sea of Red came first from a hundred year old member, who cut himself and 300 males in obedience to Him who foretold that fourth generation's return. Pain before Laughter. Now laugh with her your mother of no fear.

Bob said...

I was wondering if anyone would have a clue what to make of this little ditty. Perhaps an explanation is called for.

I recently read (and re-read) "The Pastor's Wife" by Sabrina Wurmbrand, the co-founder (along with her husband Richard) of Voice of the Martyrs. In the epilogue she speaks of how warmly welcomed she and Richard felt (after their release by the Communists) wherever they traveled in the West -- even in Germany which had spent a decade trying to exterminate Jews like them: "We felt at home with our German Brethren. Between the German and the Jewish people there are rivers of blood. But perhaps it was not by accident that the sea which God parted for the Jews was called the Red Sea."

As I read those words it struck me that, just as the nation of Israel was born over 3300 years ago by passing through the Red Sea, so in 1948 it was likewise born again through a sea of red, the Holocaust.

Admittedly, it would have been better to post this on May 14th, but -- as spake the great prophet Treppenwitz -- so often my inspiration strikes just a bit too late.