Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aggie of the Rings

Our oldest son is a graduate of Texas A&M. Aggies take a lot of pride in their school, so getting ones class ring is a major event (especially for those in the Corps of Cadets). When Andy got his ring (because of some sort of Aggie tradition thing), he wasn't able to wear it publicly lest he be seen and harrassed by a senior cadet. Nontheless that didn't keep him from showing it off. One fellow Aggie inquired (as Andy held the ring for him to admire), "What's engraved on the inside?"

Andy examined the ring closely, screwed up his face, and said, "There are markings, it's some sort of elvish. I can't read it..."

Just between you and me, I always suspected that about the Aggies.


Dawn said...

What a beautiful ring.

I hope you are having a great day!

ShalomSeeker said...

Where else would you come up with a name like "Aggies"?!? ;-)

Bob said...

Obviously from somewhere in Middle Earth.

Yeah it's perrrdy. (Andy might even call it "precious".)

buffi said...

That whole Aggie son thing...I'm not sure you should be bragging about it. (Better than a T-sipper, though, I suppose)

Bob said...

No boast. Just the facts ma'am.

joyce said...

I am still amazed Bob allowed our firstborn to attend A&M. Being a UTEPper himself, I did not think he'd ever allow one of our children to go to A&M. But, that band is awesome, and when firstborn played his trumpet for four years in the Fightin' Texas Aggie was poetry in motion. Precision poetry, that is. I'll never forget the precise lines in the dew early one Saturday morning after a practice run-through on Kyle Field. Another memory his freshman or sophomore year after the half-time performance, we were headed on the four hour drive home, and firstborn was headed back into the stadium, and the roar of the crowd, and the golden light shining on him made it look like he was heading back into heaven.

nita said...

how old is this ring? i just want to know. what do you mean by "Aggie of the Rings?"

Bob said...

That ring was brand new when the picture was taken, but's now four years old. I'm pretty sure the design on class rings at Texas A&M has been unchanged for over a century.

Students at Texas A&M University are "Aggies" (just as as those attending the University of Alaska Anchorage are Seawolves). "Aggie of the Rings" alludes to the "Lord of the Rings". (You may remember Frodo Baggins' remarking about the ring having some sort of elvish inscription.)