Monday, March 10, 2008

Grocery List

Joyce: What's this on the grocery list?

Andy: You said, "Put toothpaste on the list."

Joyce: I meant, "Write the WORD toothpaste on the list!"


joyce said...

Where do they get their literal bent?? I thought maybe the tube of toothpaste was on the list to make sure I got the same flavor next time. Ha.

Barbara said...

That reminds me of a story told on Bob by my mother. We were on our way to bible camp and I mom asked Bob to crack the window a little bit. She stopped mid sentence as she noticed Bob attempting to hit the window.

Bob said...

I have no idea. Must come from your side of the family.

Your a ratfink!

joyce said...

You may want to edit the conversation to include how I have trained the boys to add things to the want list. I probably told Andy, "put toothpaste on the want list, please" and he took me very literally. At least he did not smear actual toothpaste on the list, but taped the empty tube on the list with my ever present tape parked in three handy places.

We always got in trouble with my mom when she yelled, "where is the tape??"

ShalomSeeker said...

You guys are KILLING me! My sides ache from the goings on at your house! ;-)
You always brighten my day...

Hula Doula said...

At least he didn't leave a bugger to remind you to pick up kleenex!
Joyce,for that I know you are thankful.