Thursday, March 27, 2008

Found A Cat

I think I've seen this same cat in the tree in our back yard.


jennifer said...

Not house broken... HAH! So they brought the nasty thing inside and put it in front of a litter box? OMG-osh, that is hysterical.

I was so glad to hear from you Bob. I have been blog hopping less lately - ball season has begun and boy are we busy!

But seeing your comment made me happy!

I am having a Give Away this week and you are entered because you left a comment. I mad a post about it - in reference to Cancer awareness. If you win it will be with one condition; you have to share the m&m's with that Joyce lady!!!

Be blessed friend. Again, i was glad to hear from you!


Roses said...

Probably lucky enough to be a pregnant "cat", too!

Jerry said...

I'm surprised that they didn't also add:

"Appears to be half-blind."

LadyBugCrossing said...

That's hysterical!

Big Man for Jesus said...

"...might be scared." :-) Try, might be rabid!!

ShalomSeeker said...

Oh my...I would have love to have been there when they decided to determine the gender. Bwahaha!

joyce said...

It looks suspiciously like the ones you have hauled to north of the river to their new "Possom Kingdom".

Those things are too stinky to be mistaken for a cat. But, they do love catfood. Catfood is the best bait for the trap. Yesterday, a squirrel ran in and out gorging on catfood. Finally, the trap tripped today and caught Mr. Squirrel. Thanks for letting him go. Maybe now he will leave the catfood alone. There is no way I was gonna try Huckabee's squirrel stew recipe. No way !

Bob said...

But Dear--
Cat-food-fed squirrel is the finest of Arkansas cuisine, almost as good as Texas road-kill 'possum. Now that the squirrel's free and the trap's been rebaited for Br'er Possum, with just a bit luck, we could have a guest for breakfast tomorrow. Or maybe the marsupial morsel could be fixed up as our anniversary feast.

Good point. I've certainly never been tempted to check the gender of on of those critters and won't be tempted anytime soon.

Big Man--
Very insightful. We got your wedding invitation in the mail today. Congratulations to you. (Please express our condolences to your beautiful bride.)

Yeah, I soiled myself too.

Not only do those "cats" not see good, but they don't smell very good either.

Yeah, and with nine "kittens".

I do enjoy your writing. That was a very good point you made in your comment on Joyce's "thorns" post. But please forgive me for not playing along. The give-away game sounds fun, but (as the name of this blog implies) I'm just an an old fart. We're full up on M&Ms around here.

joyce said...

Today, 3-31-08, one of those "cats" was caught in the trap ! And the city came and picked it up by the tail and hauled it away in their cage by 8:30am ! Yeah ! It was so fun telling you there was a "cat" in the trap when I handed you your coffee!

Bob said...

But aren't you going to share what you said to the animal control guy who came to "rescue" our "cat"?

joyce said...

Well, I guess the city is short on traps or cages, 'cause this lady animal control officer walked up our drive with a possom in her cage. I wanted to know if she was bringing me a possom or picking up the one we caught. She assured me she was going to add ours to the cage, not to worry. She lifted ours by the tail and dropped it in the cage already occupied, and then handed the heavy cage to her lady assistant who had to lug it at arm's length back down the drive. I heard her remark as they drove out of sight...those things are stinkly.

Bob said...

But I just loved your comment when the animal control lady showed up with another 'possum: "No, no, I called you to remove a possum; I didn't want you to bring us another one!"