Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Must Read

Any introduction to this seems so inadequate. Just read it.


-J said...

Who is this? That was amazing. I just went to the other side of the world on my lunch break. -Jomona

Bob said...

I have no idea who the author of the blog is, but I'll be reading his posts regularly from now on. As you say, he really puts you in the moment.

I can see the snowcapped Himalayas being washed by the rising moon - all brilliantly emerald through my night vision device. And over there I see the dogs and people going about their mundane tasks beneath a unnaturally enhanced Milky Way. And I listen for the rifle shot or mortar explosion to disturb this surreal scene.

Ky Woman said...

Oh my, you should really check out his profile on blogger then. But I can tell you that he is a most wonderful man who decided to volunteer his services to our country so that his children might not do the same in the near future. His blog is his trail of crumbs for his return journey home. And Yes, He writes the most insightful,intelligent depictions of his surroundings and thoughts. If you read his archives, you will see Afghanistan unlike anything you have seen before. I'm hoping that he will expound on his experiences 'in country' in book form after coming home in a few months.
Till then, just keep reading...;-)