Sunday, January 27, 2008

Regression to Meme

My brother-in-law Jerry, the "Minor Prophet" (or perhaps I should say the "Total Loss") at Minor Mutterings (in an attempt to uphold the reputation of brothers-in-law everywhere), has tagged me with a meme, asking me to share seven bits of trivia about myself. At first I was tempted to share seven things about Marcel Marceau, but then I figured out that a meme is different than a mime. So without further adieu:

1. I've never been to Massachusetts, but I have been to the Panama Canal Zone.

2. I'm an ace at wiggling my ears, but I've never learned to dance.

3. I've made twelve military parachute jumps, but was never assigned to an airborne unit.

4. When I was a boy I named my cat after myself. ("Bob Cat" - pretty original, eh?) And yes Barbara, Bob was my cat. I was the one who fed him.

5. I have more teeth than Bibles; more Bibles than siblings; more siblings than hammers; more hammers than shovels; more shovels than hats; more hats than ears; more ears than bathtubs; and more bathtubs than televisions.

6. I was led to the Lord by the hood ornament of a 1954 Nash (that and my first-grade Sunday school teacher).

7. I've climbed more radio towers than mountains.

I was tempted to say my hair is whiter than my teeth and my teeth more numerous than the hairs on my head, but Joyce assures me my head veritably bristles. And I never disagree with my beloved wife. Right, Joyce?

The rules of this meme call for me to hammer seven more folks. Call me a maverick, but the only one I'd like to get even with is Jerry (and that would be kind of silly, now wouldn't it?), so if anyone wants to share their seven secrets, please consider yourself tagged.


LadyBugCrossing said...

So you don't have a TV? or do you have 3 ears??

Bob said...

Our TV gave up the ghost twelve years ago and we just never got around to replacing it. Our son won one in a contest, but after a couple of weeks of TV viewing he admitted there wasn't anything worth watching. Since he moved out we've been boob-tubeless.

Hula Doula said...

Seven secrets...hum

1. I was raised without a tv. Parents saw it pointless to mush my brains. Personally, I love brain mushing once in a while. NEVER play trivia with me and expect me to answer the pink. I haven't a clue about entertainment.

2. My cat growing up was named Katsa (cat in german) then after 23 years she passed and we got another and her name was kooshka. (never spelled the Russian name right I'm sure) which is Russian for cat. She was with us 7 years. Now we have Pooter. He's now 16. He came by his name as a kitten when he would "fart" around. He had terrible gas.
3. In my youth I joined a heavy metal band and toured for a year.
4. On that note I was led to the Lord at the early age of 5 in my parent's room by their bed. I believe though that God did not become my adult choice until I was 27. I was looking at my newborn daughter and reazlied the miracle that He created.
5. I played competitive volleyball for high school, college and minor competitions. Being that I am only 5'4" tall it is kind of not normal
6. I was given my children's names in a dream for comfort. Sounds strange I know, but we had been through terrible fertility issues and lost many pregnancies. My daughter's faith (being that she prayed for a brother or a sister every day for 3 years) was so strong while I was the one that wondered if God was listening. Through our trials I learned so much. When we told HG she was going to be a sister she said, "I told you that God would answer. He just wanted you to wait." That out of a mouth of an almost 5 year old rocked my world.
7. Even though my husband claims that I blab too much and have a big mouth my dentist would disagree. I have had 8 teeth removed to make way for braces.

Fun Meme.

Bob said...

Hula, I'm all in favor of mushing my brain. In fact, my son James and I have just finished watching all eight seasons of "Red Dwarf" (and you can't get much more brainless than that). So though we don't have a TV, we do watch DVDs on the computer - when the mood strikes.

I had a friend in high school whose cat was named Kot-see (as Jerry pronounced it). The German is actually "die Katze". (Sometimes I'm amazed at what I remember of that little Mexican German teacher's lessons. She really hated it when we'd ask, "How now, braun Frau?")

jennifer said...

#5 sounds like a tongue twister. Very funny meme. I had been tagged a couple of times. On the third one I did a Beatles Meme and wrote lyrics that went with each fact about me. Sometimes you have to get creative when you are actually a boring person. I get the feeling that you are rather fond of this Joyce lady....That's wonderful! Jen