Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Life Imitates Art (or vice versa)

Long ago Bill Watterson gave us this rather cynical New Year's sentiment:

But even before Calvin was building snowmen in Watterson's mind I was putting my hand to flakey art in front of the old homestead:

So I guess it's true. Great minds do think alike.

--- UPDATE (January 2, 2008) ---

I suppose there's really no need to explain why I posted this photo, but....

Welllll, you see, this past weekend James and I joined my brothers and their sons in West Texas for some hiking (that male bonding thing, you know). Anyway, it seems that some of Roy's kids expressed skeptism about Roy's assertion that I once built a snowman mooning our neighbors. They'd all heard of it from Roy repeatedly, but they've also apparently concluded that their dad's stories tend to improve on what one expects in courtroom testimony (well, what one used to expect from sworn witnesses prior to Bill Clinton's taking the stand anyway).

But getting back to the point, my son James assured his incredulous cousins that, despite Uncle Roy's tendency to varnish the truth, this tall tale happened to be 100% true -- he could provide photographic evidence. So when we got back home, James popped open an old photo album and scanned the bowing Buddha. And then ... well what the heck, since he'd gone to all that trouble ... why not?

On a blog called "The Lost Fart ..." just whose reputation am I protecting?


Gradual Dazzle said...

Impressive fart stance.

Hula Doula said...

So you were into farting even then. Impressive.

Jerry said...

I first kissed my wife-to-be on the front porch of that house. I am not sure if that would have been the case if that snowman was present at the time. (Wondering about genetics and all.)

Barbara said...

Nice Self Portrait

Bob said...

Jerry, I'd tell you to quit molesting my baby sister, but (in light of that "self portrait" remark) I'd say she deserves it. It was good to see you this past weekend. You and Barbara should be proud of your kids (as I know you are).

Hula Doula said...

Ok now it's even funnier! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Barbara said...

My comment was only in jest. (self portrait) I recall the word thought to J. on the day and the scorn of her father. I am glad you had proof of that day as I share that story often at work.

Jerry said...

I had to ask Barbara to decode her last comment. She meant to say: "the word taught to J. on the day".

Seems that you and your other partners in crime were teaching your young niece an anatomical term that Mom & Dad didn't appreciate.

Oh well, I am going to go back to molesting your baby sister.


Bob said...

Jerry & Barbara --
I too am confused by Barbara's comment (even after Jerry's clarification). I'm not sure what word we taught J (Jomona?). If you say I was involved, then I'll have take your word for it.

And might I add a few more words? Most of us quit being adolescents years ago, so ... let it go.