Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Morning Chat

Joyce: Is James back from his morning run?

Bob: No ... why?

Joyce: Who were you talking to in the kitchen?

Bob: The radio. There was a really stupid commercial and ...

Joyce: Dear, sometimes I worry about you.

Bob: But I was just commenting on how silly that commercial was. I mean, you sing in the shower.

Joyce: Yes, but I don't sing to the shower.

Bob: Let's chat later -- I gotta go talk to the coffee pot now.


joyce said...

I thought you were talking to the cat !

joyce said...

And speaking of Sallycat---she just jumped up on the computer desk to show me her FLEA ! I took off my glasses to look closer at the brown speck on her face, and it moved ! What a smart cat to tell me its time to buy flea drops again.

joyce said...

two hours later---got the flea drops. It is so convenient that our vet is one block away. Discovered pieces of dead mouse in the front yard---so either Sallycat or one of the neighbor cats was successful at hunting ! And had a little mouse-brain snack. Thankfully, James was home this afternoon to pick up the remains. He disected a pig in biology yesterday, so half a mouse today. I can't do it without gaging.

Hula Doula said...

Ok I don't know what's more entertaining....your story or Joyce's chit chat(or should I say sh*t chat after sh*tting that order of fries last week) That story still has me giggling.

Bob said...

Joyce, please. There are little ears around. Let's not talk about mouse-brain meals -- if not for me, then ... for the children.

Hula, I apologize for correcting you, but Joyce and I split and order of chicken pot pie quite a while longer ago than last week, so we're way past shi... [ahhh, I mean] passing that meal.